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♡ taylor florence ♡
♡ filipino ♡
♡ sixteen ♡
♡ intj - 5w4 - sp/sx ♡

do not interact :

  • racist

  • homophobic

  • transphobic

  • generally discriminatory

gaming stuff!

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the taylore (credits to maddi for the title)

mini biography
from the philippines, born on july 23 making them a leo, taylor florence is a demi-girl who loves making art, music, poems, playing guitar and videogames. has a passion for drawing specifically and is working towards becoming a professional fine arts illustrator. their timezone is pht (gmt+8) so of course they are never ever going to get back to you at the right time. owns a cat called coco that she considers her baby. is an intj 5w4 ravenclaw which means she also loves exploring nerdy topics like computers, science, and whatever the fuck else you probably find boring, it also means that they're not the type to be emotionally outspoken and communicative as vulnerability is the worst thing that they've ever experienced. she likes starting projects yet also not being able to commit to any of them. it is however the complete polar opposite when it comes to love, they hate trying to start new relationships with anyone but then become increasingly disgustingly clingy and committed in the long run and yes they are ashamed of it. if reader cares about astrology, she was also born during a mercury retrograde so if you think that the lack of communication thing was a joke, you'd be mistaken. she only speaks in metaphors and similes when upset (this is where the poetry comes in handy) and might as well be talking in her native language. they watch anime and play osu! too so yeah they're a huge virgin, but they make up for it by playing minecraft and being somewhat attractive i guess.